When Miguel Ángel and his wife were looking for a kindergarten for their daughter Brisa, they weren’t sure what to expect. At the School Selection Showcase, an annual event where prospective parents can browse public and charter schools in Minneapolis, he said he could feel the difference as soon as he walked up to the Hiawatha Academies booth. “The staff at Hiawatha treated us as if they had known us their entire lives,” he said. “Once we found out about the academic success that Hiawatha scholars have,  we just knew we had to get Brisa into this school.”

Miguel Ángel and his wife attend Family Academy, a class that teaches parents and guardians of Hiawatha scholars about education systems in our communities and how to advocate for their children. He recommends that all families participate in the class so they can work together to ensure the success of their scholars at home.

Eventually Miguel wants Brisa to become a doctor, so she needs to do well in school. For now, he and his daughter share a goal that she will leave kindergarten with an excellent foundation and enter first grade ready to accelerate her learning even further. “When we found out Brisa would be a Hiawatha Academies scholar it filled us with immense joy,” he said. “She’s going to go to college.”