At Hiawatha Academies, we strive toward our vision of permanently disrupting educational inequity by ensuring a great school for every child. To do so, we must ensure more equitable access to our school community.

Hiawatha Academies currently offers K-8 school bus transportation in southeast Minneapolis and Richfield. However, the current service zone does not meet the needs of many families within the Hiawatha community, nor many who wish, but are unable to join our community. For many families, restrictive transportation access and zipcodes hampers the chance of attending a great school, and thus is inherently inequitable. We have an opportunity now to make a change.

Beginning in August 2020, Hiawatha Academies will offer school bus service for K-8 students in an expanded transportation area. The Hiawatha Academies Board of Directors has approved a minimum expansion to the area with guaranteed school bus service for K-8 scholars. That area will include school bus service north to Broadway (West to Penn on North Side). This is a huge stride in creating access for families to their preferred school choice. We continue to work with transportation companies to explore future expansion to all of Minneapolis.

We are thrilled to connect with families across more communities as we build an inclusive experience for every child who comes to us. Our collective community is stronger when we build our vision together.

Families can learn more about our schools and schedule a visit at