Top Ten help you child succeed

We’ve created a short top ten list to help you along in creating a learning environment outside of the classroom to further support your child’s academic success. Future blogs will present more specific “how-to’s” for each recommendation. Enjoy!

1Create a homework routine and stick to it!
Set a time and a place for homework and studying every evening. The more your child can stick to a routine, the more of a good habit it will become.

2. Read, read, read!
Make reading a household activity. Read together and let your children see you reading. Also talk about what you read as a family! Ask lots of questions before, during and after reading.

3. Tell your children that you believe in them and in their ability to succeed!
A child needs to know that their families believe in them and in their potential. Tell them and show them!

4. Communicate with your children’s teachers and the school your child attends.
Make sure the school has your current phone number and that you know how to get ahold of your child’s teacher. Research shows the more teachers and parents work together, the better-positioned children will be to succeed.

5. Limit screen time.
Limit screen time (TV, computer games, phone apps, etc.) to less than 2 hours per day! This will allow your child more time to be physically active, develop social skills and/or to quietly study or read a favorite book.

6. Practice math facts, use games to make it fun!
Find fun ways to practice math around the house. Baking is a great way to practice fractions and measurement. Use card games. Ask your child to estimate how many Legos® it might take to build a house, castle, etc.

7. Ensure that your kids get enough sleep.
Children in elementary and middle school should get 9-11 hours of sleep per night and older teens should get 8-10 hours. Set a bedtime that allows for the right amount of sleep and then stick to that schedule.

8. Become a regular public library visitor.
Borrow free books or log on to the library’s free internet service and access a host of support resources. If you visit the library often, bring someone else along, like a neighbor, cousins or friends.

9. Make sure your children are eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.
Healthy bodies support healthy minds. Follow the 5210 rule: 5 servings of fruits/vegetables, 2 hours or less of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity and 0 sugary drinks (pop, fruit drinks). Drink more water!

10. Ask for support when you (the parent) need it!
Hiawatha Academies is here to help support you as parents. We can connect you to resources in the community if we don’t have the resources you need right at one of our four campuses. Please reach out to us! We are stronger together!