Talk to an elementary-age scholar at Hiawatha Academies for a few minutes, and she will likely ask you where you went to college. At Hiawatha, the journey through college begins on the first day of kindergarten. Making college an expectation and a reality for scholars is woven into our everyday curriculum.

Elementary scholars visit with college representatives and identify their classrooms with college mascots. When they leave for middle school, they already know college is in their future. Middle school scholars engage in a college simulation game that demonstrates how grades translate into GPAs and later impact college admissions, scholarships and future career tracks.

In order to pave a continuous path from kindergarten through college, Hiawatha Academies accelerated the opening of Hiawatha Collegiate High School to fall of 2015, and scholars will spend ninth grade taking a year-long pre-college seminar.

Hiawatha Academies has set a bold but reachable goal that 100% of our scholars will be truly college ready by their high school graduation. Our rigorous academic standards prepare scholars to be academically successful in college, and our curriculum is designed to equip scholars with the knowledge, character, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in all aspects of college life and beyond.

100% College Bound