Several scholars at Hiawatha Collegiate High School today expressed interest in participating in a peaceful protest at Lynnhurst Park after school. We respect scholars’ first amendment right to peacefully assemble. We have discussed with scholars the possible risks of engaging in public demonstrations. We encouraged scholars who were interested in participating to please call their parents and ask permission first.

The protest is not a school-sponsored event. The purpose of the protest is to recognize the recent police shooting of Jamar Clark in North Minneapolis. Today also marks the anniversary of the grand jury decision not to indict a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. More information can be found online.

At school we strive to provide scholars a safe place to express their opinions and talk through their feelings without fear of judgment. We have done several activities in school to give scholars an outlet for expressing their feelings about recent current events:

  • Some scholars chose to wear all black to school on Monday as a sign of mourning (pictured)
  • Scholars discussed the current events in their advisory groups
  • Some teachers have taught lessons on peaceful conflict resolution, the role of protest in society or creating change in the face of tough societal events.
  • Read more from one of our teachers

Scholars, their families and our staff have many different perspectives about Jamar Clark’s death, law enforcement’s response and the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole. We recognize that we don’t know all the facts. We intend to listen to our students and ask open-ended questions so we can better understand their perspectives, always with the developmental age of students in mind.

School social workers and other adults are available to speak with scholars about Black Lives Matter as needed. If you have any questions, please call the school office at 612-547-9056.

Parents – if you need resources for talking to your scholar about Black Lives Matter, please contact Ambar at