Beginning next school year, we will shorten the length of the school day by roughly one hour (60 minutes) for elementary and middle schools, and by 10-15 minutes for high school. Next year, all campuses will be consistent in offering a school day for scholars that is 7 hours, 35 minutes long.

School schedules for the 2016-17 school year.

We will also shorten the school year by three days for scholars. Staff will use these days for planning purposes, so that when scholars are in school they are receiving the best possible education that our staff can offer.

Even though our school day and year will be shorter for scholars, we will still have a longer school day and school year than the vast majority of schools in Minneapolis. We know that the time scholars spend in school is important and we are confident that we can continue to offer scholars a rigorous, college-preparatory, award-winning academic program.

Scholars and families will still be able to call teachers on their cell phones for extra help. We are committed to helping scholars achieve their academic goals, even when they aren’t in our school buildings.

Over the last several months we have talked to hundreds of families and staff members about how different schedules and calendars would affect them, and your feedback was crucial for us as we finalized this decision. Through this process we learned that a shorter schedule may create challenges for families, especially regarding childcare. We are excited to offer a resource fair for families on April 20, so you can find childcare, after-school programs and other opportunities for your scholar.

We hope that these changes will give our scholars more opportunities to rest, play, study and explore important enrichment programs after school. We are also excited to start next school year with an educational model that allows our staff to pursue personal responsibilities, interests, and ambitions, as well as plan and prepare even better lessons for our scholars.


Contact Ambar Hanson at or 612-239-1893.


Resource Fair

Save the date: Join us on April 20 for a Resource Fair where you can find out about after-school programs, childcare options and other resources that will help your family adjust to the changes in our schedule.