Marisol Rojas is a 4th grade homeroom teacher at Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Morris Park (HLA-MP). What makes her work at Hiawatha Academies special is a strong community of educators, a clear networkwide focus on instructional goals, and strong partnerships with families.

Marisol works closely with her team of 4th grade homeroom teachers, four paraeducators, two special education teachers and a speech and physical therapy specialist. This collaboration ensures both educators and scholars have a support system that meets their needs and accelerates their growth.

“We have our goals set, we are constantly communicating as a team and working on ways to support our scholars the best way we can.”

A large part of her success as a beloved teacher among her scholars and the staff at HLA-MP is strong communication and partnership with families. “I want scholars to see my relationship with them and their families as a team, not me telling on them,” grinned Marisol. She prioritizes connecting with parents consistently throughout the school year. “When report card meetings come around, parents shouldn’t be surprised with their child’s progress,” she said. Instead those meetings should be touch-points where parents come in well-informed so that the focus can be on how parents and teachers partner to help children thrive.

Teacher Spotlight Marisol Rojas Now in her third year as a homeroom teacher at Hiawatha, Marisol always has a bittersweet moment when her class moves onto middle school. She swells with pride but misses seeing them and watching them grow in their independence. Now that Hiawatha Academies is a network of K-12 schools, the student-teacher connection is even stronger. “I keep in touch with my past scholars,” Marisol said. “It’s great to see them become independent, even in small things like transitioning classrooms all day in middle school. It is rewarding to see them leave the nest prepared for their next step.”