reimagine possible

The future of Hiawatha Academies is bright and exciting. We passed a strategic plan this year that we call Reimagine Possible, which is a collective call to action to go deep on our own commitment to excellence so that we can become among the best network of public schools in the country.

We are already among the very best schools in Minneapolis disrupting systemic educational inequity, because of the incredible dedication of our families, scholars, and staff. And yet, one of the things that makes Hiawatha special is that we both celebrate our tremendous successes, and we simultaneously continuously push ourselves to improve.

Why Reimagine Possible, when you are already doing something that’s incredibly effective? Because our scholars deserve nothing less. Every single scholar that walks through our doors has an unlimited potential that it is our tremendous honor and responsibility to unlock and cultivate.

We already help to unlock so much potential in the scholars we serve, but we know beyond any doubt that so much more is possible. And so, we are called to action and imagination.

The world has been changing so rapidly in just the 10 years since we opened our doors at Hiawatha, but the standard system of education in the United States has changed very little over the last 100+ years. We don’t have to be limited by what we have inherited, though. We can Reimagine Possible in our schools.

When we look ahead to the future, and the world our children will inherit, there are tremendous opportunities to be realized, and also monumental challenges to be resolved. We need to develop scholars that are critical thinkers, flexible problem solvers, critical consumers of the media, able collaborators, savvy peacemakers, and bold actors for equity and justice.

How do we ensure that our schools are optimally developing these sorts of habits and skills in our scholars? In the years ahead, let’s Reimagine Possible in this direction together.