In a world where we are experiencing various attacks on our collective humanity – with the continued violence against our trans, black and brown, Jewish and immigrant communities — we often feel overwhelmed by the magnitude and complexity of what it means to live in this time and place. We, at Hiawatha Academies, also go through this struggle while working in education, in an organization that explicitly strives to facilitate equity.

We take solace in the fact that we have the privilege to help shape the future with our wonderful scholars. We, as a Hiawatha community, stand in our truth that social justice work is a fight for humanity. We will continue to stand and support our communities that are subjected to systemic oppression.

In the words of Hiawatha Collegiate High School’s Dean of Students, Ryan Williams-Virden: “Our jobs, the why we are here, is to equip the future generation with every skill and opportunity and option necessary so that they don’t have to live in a world where some of our [lives] matter and others don’t.”

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to all who are impacted by the oppressive rhetoric, policies, actions and deaths that have made attempts to strip us of our humanity.

Tiffany Williams-Virden
Senior Director of Equity Initiatives