You may know Edwin as someone who helps make sure your paychecks come in on time and we have health insurance for our families, but can you imagine him as a kindergarten teacher?

Edwin’s parents are immigrants from El Salvador, and always made education a priority in his life. Growing up in Houston Public Schools, students of color and low-income students typically attended lower-performing schools because of the way the boundaries were drawn. Seeing this as a grave injustice, Edwin joined Teach For America and served two years in the Rio Grande Valley. “At the very core, my career goal has always been do work that supports kids, especially kids who were like me,” Edwin said. “That’s why I decided to teach and why I always want to be involved in K-12 education, even if that doesn’t mean leading a classroom.”

Edwin moved to the Twin Cities to be closer to the family of his wife, Chelsea, and soon joined the Hiawatha Academies family as the director of human resources. He takes pride in knowing that the work he does impacts staff and scholars in a positive way. “Teachers already have a lot on their plate, and whether or not they will get paid on Friday should be the last thing on their mind,” Edwin said.

One thing that makes Hiawatha Academies unique, according to Edwin, is the deep care that campus leaders have for scholars as well as their staff. “Through their actions, it is clear to me that they genuinely want their scholars to be prepared for college,” Edwin said. “They also want their staff to thrive, and they have their best interests in mind.”

In his free time, Edwin likes to cook, try new restaurants, run along West River Parkway and practice his photography skills. A skilled writer, Edwin also wrote for a local blog when he lived in Austin, TX.

Lake Louise