Love Reading? Join Us!

This summer, dozens of Kindergarten to 3rd-grade students at Morris Park headed home with stacks of books to keep. Thanks to Minnesota Reading Corps and their Bookshelf Builders Initiative, Morris Park students received some of the 140,000 books that were distributed to about 15,000 children nationwide this year. The school also received about 20 books for the media center. We’re grateful for this gift to our students who are excited to continue reading and learning over the summer!

Hiawatha Leadership Academy partners with Reading Corps to provide literacy tutoring to K-3 students. The goal is that all students will become successful readers by the end of third grade. And you can help make that happen! We’re looking for one more part time tutor to join our team at Hiawatha Academy – Morris Park next year.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get back into the workforce or seeking experience in a school setting. The schedule is perfect for parents – tutors serve every school day and have the same breaks as students.

No previous teaching experience is necessary. Tutors are trained in August where they are equipped with all the tools they need to help kids succeed and then are supported throughout their service year with expert coaching. Diane Coddington, a Reading Corps tutor who will be returning for a second year at Hiawatha sees her students grow both in fluency and confidence. She says, “It is amazing to see the expression on their faces the moment they realize that the ‘practice’ we are doing every day is helping them become better readers.”

“It is amazing what a difference 20 minutes a day makes!”

Tutors are paid every two weeks and, at the end of their service, receive an education award to be used for tuition or student loans. Tutors over 55 can gift this award to their child or grandchild.

Diane says it’s not only her students who are learning. “I learn so much by just listening and observing teachers and staff. I’ve learned the importance of building relationships with students and putting students at the center of everything we do, which is one of the core tenets at Hiawatha Academies.” That’s what makes the difference, she says. “The Reading Corps interventions plus just 20 minutes a day 1-on-1 with another adult who cares about them is a powerful combination.”

You can join Diane and help Hiawatha students succeed. Visit to learn more about Reading Corps and apply. You can also contact or 866-859-2825 with questions.