Kylah Bobo has been a scholar at Hiawatha Academies since she was in first grade. She has grown with Hiawatha Academies as she left Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Morris Park for our middle school. During that time she excelled in band, learning to play the piano, trombone, violin, xylophone and various percussion instruments. She has discovered a love for science and is excited to take chemistry soon.

She is one member of the founding class at the network’s first high school. Part of what keeps her coming back to Hiawatha is the rigorous academics and personal relationships she has had with teachers.

For her next school, she has her eyes set on the Ivy League, where she hopes to pursue a science or engineering field. She knows she has to continue to focus on her studies and get involved in more extracurriculars, too. “If you really think about how you want your future to be you have to start early,” she said. “What I do now will benefit me for the rest of my life.”