Start Now: Kindergarten (Path to College)


You Have a Choice – Enroll in an Award Winning School!

Hiawatha Academies offers rigorous academics in a “family” environment, tuition free. The path to college begins in Kindergarten. Come see for yourself the difference a Hiawatha education can make.

People at Hiawatha

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  • See Hiawatha's school locations at:
  • See Hiawatha's school locations at:

Powerful Benefits

  • Award-winning schools and strong academic results
  • Schools that prepare scholars for college, life, and leadership
  • Warm and fun atmosphere
  • Teachers who respect scholars and build nurturing relationships with them
  • Top quality education that’s designed to prepare scholars for college
  • Teachers available after hours
  • Uniforms
  • 40% more educational time per day than most traditional schools
  • Safe environment

Tuition Free

Hiawatha is tuition free, which means all kindergartners, regardless of their family’s financial background, have the opportunity to get a high quality education. We don’t believe cost should affect someone’s access to learning, which is why we also offer:

  • Tuition Free
  • Breakfast and lunch provided at no cost
  • Free transportation

With these basics covered, scholars and families are better able to focus on education and getting the most out of their school experience.

The Path to College Begins in Kindergarten!

College can seem so far in the future when your little one is just starting kindergarten, but having a strong educational foundation at a young age is a strong predictor of whether a child makes it to college. It’s vital to give them a firm knowledge base that will support them through elementary and high school, so they’re prepared to move onto higher education. Ultimately, this path will help them secure a bright, productive future where they can thrive.

Enroll Today!

We are now offering open enrollment for kindergartners. So, if you have a 4 to 6-year-old who’s ready to start school in a unique, learner-focused environment, we hope you’ll consider enrolling them in Hiawatha Academies.

Choose the right school

Kindergarten is an exciting, important time in every child’s life, and selecting the right school is a major decision that every parent must make. The right school can make the kindergarten experience much more meaningful for a youngster and put them on an educational path that will benefit their whole lives. We help provide that path at Hiawatha Academies by working to foster a love of learning in all our kindergartners that will drive them through the rest of their educational careers and motivate them to be lifelong learners. From the moment your child walks through our doors, they’ll be met by smiling teachers and staff who care and are committed to their success. Our curriculum is challenging yet fun and designed to help every student – or “scholar,” as we prefer to call them – reach their full potential.

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  • See Hiawatha's school locations at:
  • See Hiawatha's school locations at: