Are you happy with your child's school?

Many parents want their children to be in a school environment that is both safe and academically rigorous. While this sounds like a relatively simple task, the two most frequent responses I hear from parents when they decide to enroll at Hiawatha Academies during our mid-year enrollment window (January 1st – 29th) are: “My child was not being challenged academically at their previous school” and “My child was being bullied and nothing was done about it.”

At Hiawatha Academies, we have high expectations for both academic rigor and scholar conduct, which have led to high academic achievement and high satisfaction scores from families. We set time aside twice each school year to ask our families how satisfied they are with our schools, our teachers, and their child’s development. The most recent survey results (published December 2016) indicate that 92.8% of our families responded positively to various survey questions including:

  • I would recommend Hiawatha Academies to a friend or relative

  • I believe my child’s teachers are committed to ensuring he/she achieves their maximum potential

  • I believe my child is receiving a college preparatory education

We want 100% of our school community to respond positively to these questions, so we have taken note of where we fell short and where we need to focus our attention in the months ahead. Our staff and students are also surveyed throughout the year and we incorporate their feedback into the development plans we create to improve overall satisfaction across our four-school network.

In addition to these formal surveys, we organize a Family Academy three times during the school year where families have an opportunity to voice concerns and implement solutions that will enhance the school experience for all scholars. Families who transfer into our school network in January are encouraged to attend our next Family Academy scheduled for late February and into early March (Family Academy is held on four consecutive Saturday mornings). This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and to have your recommendations included in our ongoing efforts to improve family satisfaction within our schools.

If you, or someone you know, is not happy with their current school situation (elementary, middle or high school), please have them contact us directly at or at (612) 578-1548. We would be happy to meet with them one-on-one to answer any questions regarding Hiawatha Academies and the mid-year transfer process for kindergarten through 10th grade.

David Martinez