This month, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) released statewide results for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA), and the Star Tribune published its annual Beat the Odds list. The data are clear: Hiawatha continues to deliver an education that breaks the historic link between income and achievement. Now at four schools, Hiawatha is proving the possible: that each and every child can succeed at high levels.Here are some highlights from these results:Beat the Odds 2016

  • Hiawatha Academies’ reading scores jumped 6 percentage points, a reflection of the dedicated focus on new reading strategies.
  • Again this year, Hiawatha closed the gap in math, with math scores on par with all students in Minnesota.
  • All eligible Hiawatha schools are on both the math and reading Beat the Odds lists for the second year in a row.
  • Hiawatha schools are the only schools in Minneapolis on the Beat the Odds list in both reading and math.

We are so proud of the Hiawatha team, our tireless teachers, hardworking scholars, and dedicated families. And we know we cannot do this work alone. We look to the community as we seek to fulfill our vision to ensure a great school for every child.

As we begin the new school year in partnership with the community, let us reimagine what is possible in education. In a world that measures low-income scholars against even lower expected outcomes, let us reimagine a world where expectations are the same for all kids regardless of income, nationality, or skin color. Let us reimagine a world where excellence in education is the everyday, not the exception.

In a world that continues to threaten our shared humanity, never has this work been more important or more urgent. Together, we will change the odds.MCA Comparison 2015-16_all,frl_full