Dear Friends of Hiawatha Academies,

Tomorrow, across the country, women will be taking the day off to attend rallies and marches in solidarity and support of “A Day Without A Woman”.

We will be open for school tomorrow (our high school for a half day, and the elementary and middle schools for a regular day), but it is only possible to be open because many women in our Hiawatha community are suspending their potential interest in participating in this day, so as to remain on campus with our scholars. Many other women in the Hiawatha community are attending “A Day Without a Woman” events and gatherings. We support and honor both sets of decisions.

Whichever path our staff who identify as women are taking tomorrow, the truth is, Hiawatha Academies is at a loss without the women in our community. Our scholars, our scholars’ mothers, our mothers, our sisters, our teachers, our principals, our assistant principals, our deans, our operations teams and our network support team all contribute daily towards the success of our schools.

The Hiawatha community, like many other K-12 education organizations, is a significant majority women. We, as an organization and a group of people, hope that someday in our country, women won’t need to strike in order to highlight the economic power and significance they have in the U.S., and globally, while calling attention to the economic injustices women and gender nonconforming people continue to face. We believe that tomorrow can help us get closer to that day.

Eli Kramer