PRESS RELEASE September 29, 2017 By Ambar Hanson
– This Thursday, Hiawatha Academies was awarded $1.87 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Education through the Expanding Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant. Hiawatha Academies was one of 17 high-quality charter schools across the country awarded the CSP grant. This grant was created through the U.S. Department of Education in 2010 for the purposes of expanding opportunities for all students, particularly historically underserved students, through the replication of high-quality schools showing success in closing the opportunity gap. The grant provides growing networks of schools with funds for the planning, program design, and initial implementation of public charter schools across the country. “This kind of support is incredibly helpful to us as we grow to five schools serving 2,400 students over the next few years,” said executive director, Eli Kramer.

Hiawatha Academies’ Board of Directors approved its new strategic plan, Reimagine Possible, in 2016. In addition to a strong commitment to excellence, equity, community, and partners, the plan reaffirmed Hiawatha’s strategy to expand to five schools serving 2,400 scholars by 2025. Currently the network serves approximately 1,400 scholars in four schools. The CSP grant will help support the opening of a new Hiawatha Collegiate High School campus in 2018, the opening of Hiawatha Academies’ fifth school, a new middle school, in 2018, and also will support the final stages of growth of Hiawatha Academies’ second elementary school.

When asked about the expansion plan, executive director, Eli Kramer responded, “Families at Hiawatha Academies demanded we grow and we responded to their call to action. We are committed to fulfilling our promise to ensure every single child in our schools has a chance to pursue their hopes and dreams.”