As part of a month-long celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month, Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield held a special night at the middle school filled with colorful performances, food and togetherness, inviting HCP-K families to join in the fun.

Sabrina Edwards, HCP-K dean of culture, was beaming as the event began, proud of all the work so many people had put into making the night possible. Principal Matt Topin welcomed families and helped set the tone for an evening aimed at celebrating so many scholars and their families of Latinx heritage.

Performances included students singing a bilingual rendition of the song “Remember Me” from the animated movie “Coco,” as well as the announcement of the winners of the HCP-K Hispanic Heritage month essay contest. Winners of the heritage month art contest also were on display.

The statements from the students about their art truly underlined the themes and meaning of the month-long celebration. Marlenne Luciano wrote:

The reason I drew this drawing is because I have Hispanic heritage. The reason I drew dresses is because it is traditional clothing. It may not look too traditional. My mom told me that this clothing is very important in Hispanic heritage. Each dress represents something different. The Mexico dress is in the middle because that is what I identify as the most. I put the Ecuadorian dress next to Mexico because my best friend is Ecuadorian. She is a part of my life that I care about a lot. The Cuban dress is in the right because I have family that is Cuban and family is important too. I put mother Mary on the table because it is an important belief in my heritage. I also put flags hanging in the top to represent the rest of the Hispanic countries. 

Natali Iguanero’s piece was inspired by an important holiday:

This connects to me because as a young Hispanic person, I was personally raised in a very traditional family. So every year we would set up an ofrenda, whether we had space or not. So this drawing was inspired by the holiday of the Day of the Dead.

A few of the Hiawatha Collegiate High School scholars and Aztec dancers also performed at the event in honor of one of many Latin American indigenous communities.

Jose Hernandez, one of the parent leaders who helped shape the event, said other HCP-K parents are welcome to join the family association, which discusses culture and policies at the school. If interested, reach out to Shannon Gavin, Family Engagement Manager, at 612-578-5198 or