Young entrepreneurs Heidi Sanchez and Leidi (“lady”) Hernandez, both 10th grade scholars at HCHS are busy motivating their fellow scholars to remember those in need by donating to this year’s food drive. As part of their lab work, they carved out shelves for food donations in a small storage space on the second floor of the High School.

“We noticed other schools didn’t have big food drives like Target, Walmart or Cub Foods,” said Leidi, “and we got interested in having our own,” added Heidi. Mr. Caleb Williamson, Discipline and Culture Liaison and business coach says he’s proud to work with two powerful change agents and spoke highly of them saying, “Heidi and Leidi are two young people who are all about action! They are making our school, community, and the world a better place one day at a time.”

Non-perishables (non-expired) include canned vegetables, pasta, canned soups, beans, rice and juices. They are considering Second Harvest as the possible recipient of their donations or HCHS students themselves.

Heidi and Leidi keep track of donations via a detailed spreadsheet listing the donations of each school advisory group comprised of 16 students and one advisor. Thus far, the “Gudi’s” (Gudiel) are ahead with 73 items; the “Mackenzie’s” in second (51 items); and the “Kidder’s” (Carlson) are in third place (44 items). The winning advisory group (there are 13) will be treated to lunch after the drive wraps up on December 9th. Then Heidi and Leidi will start all over again collecting for winter of 2017.

Both scholars credit Mr. Caleb Williamson for his business acumen on the launch of their growing enterprise; Ms. Eddie, the HCHS Director of Operations; Ms. Alcazar, the campus on-site social worker; and Raquel Gudiel for their ongoing support and motivation to start the project.

  • What: HCHS Food drive Donations: Non-perishables; canned vegetables, pasta, canned soups, beans, rice and juices.
  • Where: HCHS will collect donations
  • Until: December 9th.
  • Donations: Email Caleb Williamson to arrange a drop off time for non-expired, non-perishable items at: