Whether to attend a meeting or while giving a tour to a potential partner for our schools, one thing I always take pride in highlighting is the work of our para-professionals.

They are usually roaming the hallways, busy providing one-on-one services to some of our scholars with very unique needs. Their ability to give each child undivided attention with such love and care never ceases to amaze me.

Last week was Para-Professional Appreciation Week, and as the daughter of a para-professional and the mother of a son who benefitted from the services para-professionals provide,
I have a tremendous sense of gratitude for the work that paras do in our schools every day. The patience, love, attention and care that a para provides our scholars is part of what makes Hiawatha a special place.

The love for paras poured out of each of our campuses last week, but as we all know, they are loved and appreciated for all they do every single day. Take a moment to send a para another message of gratitude this week. They are an amazing group of human beings.