Secure Your Child’s Path to College


Enroll in an award-winning school.

Is your child ready to attend an award-winning school that is entirely focused on their success and path to college? Enrollment is open for grades K-12. We hope you’ll visit our schools and join the Hiawatha family.

People at Hiawatha

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  • See Hiawatha's school locations at:
  • See Hiawatha's school locations at:

Powerful Benefits

  • Award-winning schools and strong academic results
  • Schools that prepare scholars for college, life, and leadership
  • Attractive campuses and a brand new high school facility
  • Teachers who respect scholars and build nurturing relationships with them
  • Safe schools
  • More educational time each day (around 40% more than traditional schools)
  • Uniforms
  • A warm, “family” atmosphere

Tuition Free

We believe that everyone deserves a top-quality education, despite their financial situation, so we are proud to offer free tuition at Hiawatha Academies. In addition, we also provide:

  • Tuition Free
  • Transportation at no cost
  • Free breakfast and lunch

We find that with these basic costs taken care of, our scholars and families can focus more on learning and fully enjoying the school experience.

Open Enrollment at Hiawatha Academies

Hiawatha Academies is a K-12 school that offers your child a unique educational experience that’s challenging, yet fun, and designed to fully prepare them for college. We refer to our learners as “scholars,” as we consider them to be a bit more than ordinary students in that they value education and make it an important part of their lives and future. We foster this love of learning in our scholars by allowing them to explore their interests, having relevant and engaging curriculum, and by having teachers who are caring and truly passionate about education. In addition to readying your child for college, at Hiawatha, it’s also our goal to help them develop the character and motivation they need to meet their dreams, serve the common good, and secure their future.

College Preparatory

Our scholars benefit from a cohesive curriculum that, even from kindergarten, is designed to give them the education and tools they need for college. In grades K-4, scholars enjoy rigorous and interactive lessons and activities that help them build a strong knowledge base that will serve them in higher grades. Those in middle school and high school benefit from our challenging college preparatory courses that are specially designed to not only teach them facts and figures but also encourage them to develop critical thinking and other skills that will help them succeed in college and beyond. Although the curriculum is demanding, we keep it enjoyable for students by providing a variety of learning experiences, including those in technology, engineering, the arts, and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Working to Close the “Opportunity Gap”

Minnesota has the nation’s second highest achievement gap in reading and math between white students and those of color. We recognize this gap as being due to differences in opportunity and not ability. Therefore, our schools have a mission to close this opportunity gap by creating a more equitable system of education and by providing a welcoming space for scholars and their families from all cultures and backgrounds.

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  • See Hiawatha's school locations at:
  • See Hiawatha's school locations at: