Hiawatha Academies will continue Distance Learning through JUNE 5.

Distribución de Comidas | Meal Distributions Time: Mondays, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Location: Hiawatha Collegiate High School

Distance Learning Program

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In response to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Minnesota, Hiawatha Academies is addressing the continued education of your child by transitioning to Distance Learning, which includes a either online learning, printed educational materials, or both. Teachers are in touch with scholars and families regularly to support Distance Learning. Please find additional details on the following pages:

All scholars will need access to a computer for some portion of each day in order to participate in Distance Learning. Scholars in grades 5-12 use Google Classroom, and scholars in grades K-4 use Seesaw.

We are able to loan one laptop to each Hiawatha Academies household that needs a computer. If you need to borrow a computer from the school, please contact your child’s school.


Programa de Educación a Distancia

En respuesta al brote del coronavirus (COVID-19) en Minnesota, Hiawatha Academies está abordando la educación continua de su hijo mediante la transición al aprendizaje a distancia, que incluye aprendizaje en línea, materiales educativos impresos o ambos. Los maestros se pondrán en contacto regularmente con académicos y familias para apoyar el aprendizaje a distancia. Encuentre detalles adicionales en las siguientes páginas:

Todos los estudiantes necesitarán acceso a una computadora por parte de cada día para poder participar en Aprendizaje a Distancia. Estudiantes en grados 5-12 usan Google Classroom, y estudiantes en grados K-4 usan Seesaw.

Podemos prestar una computadora portátil a cada familia de Hiawatha Academies que necesite una computadora. Si usted necesita tomar prestada una computadora de la escuela, comuníquese con la escuela de su hijo.

Additional Learning Resources

ABC mouse logo

ABC Mouse

Appropriate for Grades: Preschool-2nd grade
Description: Early Learning Academy with educational content appropriate for PK-2nd grade students.
Login or Access Code: Redeem Code: SCHOOL4713

Adventure Academy Logo

Adventure Academy

Appropriate for Grades: 3rd-8th grade
Description: A multiplayer online game with educational content in language arts, math and science.
Login or Access Code: Redeem Code: SCHOOL4713

Khan Academy Logo

Khan Academy

Appropriate for Grades:
Description: Video lessons and worksheets on Math and Reading.
Login or Access Code: This content is free but requires a log-in to be created in order to use. Hiawatha scholars in 5th-8th grade have accounts set up already. If students in 5th-8th grade need help logging in, contact their teacher.

Libby App Logo

The Libby App

Appropriate for Grades: All ages
Description: This is a smartphone app that can be downloaded and connected to a Hennepin County library card. The app allows you to checkout e-books for free.
Login or Access Code: Requires Hennepin County library card number

Pebble Go


Appropriate for Grades: Kindergarten-3rd grade
Description: Read aloud texts with audio.
Login or Access Code: Typically this site requires a paid subscription, but is allowing free use during school closings.

Prodigy Logo


Appropriate for Grades: 1st-8th grade
Description: Engaging math games
Login or Access Code: Students may already have accounts. If students do not have an account, use the following class codes to create an account:

  • 1st Grade: F00974
  • 2nd Grade: C2BCB8
  • 3rd Grade: 4C5BFD
  • 4th Grade: 41B697

Reading IQ Logo


Appropriate for Grades: Preschool-6th grade
Description: A digital library and literacy platform with reading content.
Login or Access Code: Redeem Code: SCHOOL4713

Zearn Logo


Appropriate for Grades: Kindergarten-8th grade
Description: Math activities and games
Login or Access Code: Use the following class codes to create an account:

  • Kindergarten: ZX8V6M
  • 1st Grade: RA7P7C
  • 2nd Grade: RN4E2G
  • 3rd Grade: WN7Y9Y
  • 4th Grade: JR8Q4P
  • 5th Grade: EN4T2W
  • 6th Grade: KX7Y2T
  • 7th Grade: DA2J6A
  • 8th Grade: XC6V8G

scholastic logo

Scholastic Learn at Home

Appropriate for Grades: K-8th Grade
Description: E-books, articles, and activities on a wide range of science and current event topics.
Login or Access Code:
Username: Learning20
Password: Clifford