Growing Learners. Growing Leaders.

By replicating educational quality while growing to scale, Hiawatha can serve as a proof point for what is possible in education. By scaling the network in Minneapolis, we will raise the bar for all schools and improve the educational landscape for all Twin Cities children.

In less than a decade, Hiawatha Academies has grown from 140 kindergarten and first grade scholars learning in spare classrooms in a South Minneapolis building to a nationally-recognized five-school network offering a rigorous, character-building education to over 1,000 scholars.

We’re now growing to give more children a top-quality education – and the lifelong individual and community rewards that come with it – and to help other schools adopt our successful approach. We’re ensuring that students of color in Minneapolis have a high-quality educational pathway from kindergarten to college.

By the fall of 2018, Hiawatha will achieve its bold vision of operating five schools when it opens its second middle school. And over the next ten years, Hiawatha will double its enrollment to serve more than 2,288 scholars, which is estimated to be 6.2% of the Minneapolis student population.

Hiawatha Academies partners with our scholars and families to deliver a curriculum that engages the whole body and mind as we nourish the academic, character and leadership skills that will take scholars to and through college. We take learning beyond the classroom through language, arts and athletic programs. We believe that the visual arts, music, theater and participation in team and individual sports are vital for the development of character, and are a rich supplement to academic learning.

All children deserve a great education that propels them toward their dreams. We cannot afford to fail them. Together, we can — and we must — do better for our children.

We are seeking single- and multi-year philanthropic commitments to ensure we can meet our growth trajectory to serve over 2,288 students in Minneapolis on their paths to and through college.

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