“After learning about Hiawatha Academies strategies going forward and their track record with Minneapolis students, we were determined that this was an organization we wanted to support both financially and through personal involvement.” 

Hiawatha Academies Donor


Congratulations to the first graduating class of Hiawatha Academies on 100% college admission!

Are you interested in developing the next generation of Minneapolis leaders? How about ensuring all children make outstanding academic growth each year? Hiawatha Academies K-12 charter network is closing the education gap in south Minneapolis – and we’re growing.

Please contact Director of Development Jessica Tomaselli at 651-401-5731 with questions. Thank you for your support!

Why Is Your Gift Needed?

For Hiawatha Academies, philanthropy is the driver of growth and expansion. In our business model, public funding supports the daily operation of our school program. Your gift will help make Hiawatha’s high-quality education available to more kids by opening new schools and expanding grade levels.

Hiawatha Academies is scaling our network to 5 schools with over 2,000 scholars. Support from the community is necessary for the successful growth and expansion of the Hiawatha Academies network.

Check out our plans for growth!

Because Hiawatha Academies is a 501(c)3, all donations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

So Many Ways to Contribute

  • Donate by mail
    Complete OUR DONATION FORM and send it with a check to Hiawatha Academies, 3500 E. 28th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406
  • Donate online, using our secure e-giving system
  • Ask your employer about matching gifts
    If you work for an organization that has a matching gift program, you could double the size of your donation to Hiawatha Academies. Many companies will match not only gifts from current employees, but also gifts from retired employees, spouses, or members of their board of directors. Check with your company regarding its matching gift policy. Your Human Resources Department should have most of the forms that you will need to make a matching gift to Hiawatha Academies.
  • Donate appreciated stock
    Donating appreciated stocks and securities, instead of writing a check, is a tax-efficient way to support Hiawatha Academies. By donating your appreciated stock, you will escape any capital gains taxes you would have paid if you had sold the asset. In addition, you may deduct the current market value of your gift to Hiawatha Academies for income tax purposes, just as if you had made a cash donation. Download the donation form here.
  • Donate in-kind gifts
    Hiawatha Academies is always grateful for in-kind gifts that help us deliver on our mission. These include (but not limited to): musical instruments, gently used books, technology, sports equipment, etc. If you have an item you would like to donate, please contact us to discuss possibilities.