At Hiawatha Academies, we strive toward our vision of permanently disrupting educational inequity by ensuring a great school for every child. To do so, we must ensure more equitable access to our school community. Hiawatha Academies currently offers K-8 school bus transportation in southeast Minneapolis and Richfield. However, the current service zone does not meet […]

At Hiawatha Academies, each day is a promise: to live out our vision for a great school for every child. As we launch our three-year strategic plan, we recommit to ensuring that every day each Hiawatha Academies classroom is a place of deep student engagement and rigorous learning. To do so requires a consistent experience […]

“At the time I moved away to attend Washington University in St. Louis, it wasn’t the experience that all of my friends were having,” said Colette Owens, Executive Director at Hiawatha Academies. Being from a majority working-class neighborhood and growing up in a multi-racial household in Canton, Ohio, Owens, like many people in her community, […]