Hiawatha Academies Board of Directors is tasked with ensuring that the mission and values of the Hiawatha schools are met, and providing guidance to ensure Hiawatha’s long-term growth and vitality. The Board of Directors works closely with the Leadership Team to chart a course for Hiawatha Academies and meets regularly throughout the year. Our Board members are drawn from the fields of business, education, healthcare, legal, and philanthropy and share a commitment to grow Hiawatha scholars into leaders.

Board Members can be reached at: boardchair@hiawathaacademies.org.

Upcoming Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board members

Chair | Margarita Dimas Cultu
Her Next Play

Vice Chair | Gerardo Alcazar
Blackwell Burke

Treasurer | Jon Schwartz
Wildflower Foundation

Secretary | Penny Leporte
General Mills

Director | Jonathan Alvarez
Hiawatha Academies Parent

Director | Jason Brandenborg
The Brandenborg Foundation

Director | Alexander Knoblock
Hiawatha Academies Teacher

Director | Roberto Lazo
Hiawatha Academies Teacher

Director | Adnan Momin

Director | Alicia Muñoz
Macalester College

Director | Jennifer Stern
Great Minnesota Schools

Director | Linda Yang
Hiawatha Academies Parent

Board committees

Chair | Alicia Munoz
Member | Roberto Lazo
Staff Liaison | Rochelle Van Dijk

Chair | Penny LePorte
Members |
Jon Schwartz, Anne Soto, Hilary Kirsch
Staff Liaison |
Libby Stegger

Family & Community Engagement
Chair | Linda Yang
Member | Jonathan Alvarez, Alexander Knoblock
Staff Liaison | Colette Owens

Finance & Facilities
Chair | Jon Schwartz
Members | Jason Brandenborg, Adnan Momin, Tyler Baier
Staff Liaisons | Libby Stegger, Rosie Kellogg

Chair | Anne Behrendt
Members | Tim Geoffrion
Staff Liaison | Colette Owens

Chair |
Gerardo Alcazar
Staff Liaison |
Colette Owens

Chair | Penny LePorte
Members | Margarita Dimas Cultu, Jennifer Stern
Staff Liaison | Dawn Gunderson Taylor