On Monday, May 25, in South Minneapolis, George Floyd, a Black man was killed by Minneapolis police. As a community we are heartbroken, we are outraged, and we demand justice. Our heart goes out to George’s family. Hiawatha Academies calls on our community to stand and act together towards racial justice. We must do our […]

Setup To start using the hotspot, follow these instructions or the ones in the box Power on the device by pressing the power button on the side for 3 seconds. When the WiFi light stops blinking, you can connect your chromebook to the hotspot.  This will take several minutes To connect your laptop to the […]

Support your student to login daily into google classroom. Instructions for logging in can be found here. Apoye a su estudiante a ingresar a Google Classroom diariamente. Las instrucciones para iniciar sesión se pueden encontrar aquí.

Using Hiawatha Chromebook Using personal/mobile device  

Step 1: Start the Computer Paso 1: Enciende la computadora Plug in the Chromebook charger and press the power button Primero asegúrese de que el Chromebook esté enchufado a su cargador y luego presione el botón de encendido   Step 2: Connect to the Internet and add an account Paso 2: Conéctalo al internet y […]

In Fall 2019, Hiawatha Academies launched a strategic planning process to set the academic program strategy for the next three years. With the support of Great Minnesota Schools, Hiawatha partnered with Bellwether Education Partners to engage the Hiawatha community in forging our path for the next three years. The result is a detailed and powerful […]

In March 2020, Hiawatha Academies reached a major milestone: 100 percent of the Hiawatha Collegiate High School Class of 2020 has been admitted to college! This is Hiawatha Academies’s second graduating class, and the second year of 100 percent college admission. “I’m going to St. Thomas, it’s everything I’ve been looking for in a school” […]

At Hiawatha Academies, we strive toward our vision of permanently disrupting educational inequity by ensuring a great school for every child. To do so, we must ensure more equitable access to our school community. Hiawatha Academies currently offers K-8 school bus transportation in southeast Minneapolis and Richfield. However, the current service zone does not meet […]

At Hiawatha Academies, each day is a promise: to live out our vision for a great school for every child. As we launch our three-year strategic plan, we recommit to ensuring that every day each Hiawatha Academies classroom is a place of deep student engagement and rigorous learning. To do so requires a consistent experience […]

Marisol Rojas is a 4th grade homeroom teacher at Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Morris Park (HLA-MP). What makes her work at Hiawatha Academies special is a strong community of educators, a clear networkwide focus on instructional goals, and strong partnerships with families. Marisol works closely with her team of 4th grade homeroom teachers, four paraeducators, […]