1) Set High Expectations

We aim to prepare all of our scholars for college, for leadership, and to reach their full potential as individuals.

2) Expand Learning Time

Our scholars receive 40% more learning time than a traditional public school provides, allowing more opportunities to engage students in high-quality instruction through a well-rounded curriculum.

3) Support Effective Teaching, People Matter

Great teachers are critical to students success. We design observation, feedback, and professional development opportunities for teachers to continuously improve their craft.

4) Focus on Results and Accountability

Hiawatha Academies relies on standardized tests, six-week interim benchmark exams, and portfolio project-based work to continually assess scholar’s readiness for college and leadership.

5) Build Character and Leadership Skills

Focusing on character helps develop traits, habits of mind and behaviors that are not only critical for success in school but also help young people grow into active citizens and community leaders.

6) Engage Parents as Partners

Hiawatha Academies believes that a quality education results from a partnership between parents, scholars, and the school; our vision for each scholar cannot be fulfilled without parental involvement.