Hiawatha celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Scholars and staff at several Hiawatha schools celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month, which occurs every year from September 15 to October 15. According to the Hispanic Heritage Month website, this month has been recognized since 1988 as a way to celebrate the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean […]

Northrop scholars

Hiawatha Academies leads in MMR ratings

Hiawatha Academies has proven once again that it is possible for all scholars to achieve regardless of race, zip code or socioeconomic status. The Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR) released this month are how the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) assesses schools as part of Minnesota’s waiver for No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Hiawatha Leadership Academy […]

Achievement gap vs. opportunity gap

“Achievement gap” is a common term in education that refers to the difference in achievement measures between two demographic student groups. Usually, this refers to the difference between white students and students of color, but it can sometimes offer reference to differences in achievement between male and female students, or students at different income levels. “Achievement gap” ascribes lower rates of school […]

Kathryn Spotts brings joy and literature to the classroom

Kathryn Spotts has always loved reading young adult books, so it is no wonder she has found a passion for helping middle-school scholars discover their love for reading. She cares less for the big-box fantasy novels and more prefers classics like Are You There God? It ’s Me Margaret by Judy Bloom, Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson or Number the Stars by […]

Making parent-teacher conferences count

As cool weather starts to settle in, you can be sure that the first month of school has wrapped up and fall is just around the corner. By now you, your scholar, and his or her teacher should all have a better sense of your scholar’s struggles and strengths. There is a great opportunity to […]

Children at Desks

Back to school tips

Small changes in routine can make a big difference for student learning. From uniforms to positive thinking, there are a lot of ways you can support the back-to-school transition at home. Before school Encourage your scholar to wake up at the same time every day. Routines like this will help make sure your scholar gets […]

Our history

HCHS opens its doors

On August 17, Hiawatha Collegiate High School opened its doors to just over 100 ninth-grade scholars as they take a next significant step in their journey towards college. Some of these scholars have been with us since they were in first grade, when we were one school that operated in the wing of a church. […]

Meet Kelley Forsberg, teacher at Morris Park

In six years, Kelley Forsberg has been a paraprofessional, a co-teacher and a teacher in second-grade classrooms at HLA-Morris Park. An early riser, she often gets to school early to plan her day and get ready for the first scholars to arrive. “I love our mornings together,” she said. “I get to check in with […]