Keeping busy over winter break

With winter break fast approaching, many parents ask what they can do to ensure their scholar keeps learning while they’re not in school. You might be surprised at the low-cost activities you can do at home and in the community to keep your scholar engaged: Read with your scholar every day. Even scholars who are […]

Some Hiawatha scholars may participate in protest

Several scholars at Hiawatha Collegiate High School today expressed interest in participating in a peaceful protest at Lynnhurst Park after school. We respect scholars’ first amendment right to peacefully assemble. We have discussed with scholars the possible risks of engaging in public demonstrations. We encouraged scholars who were interested in participating to please call their parents and ask permission […]

Hiawatha Academies reacts to police shooting of Jamar Clark

In times like these we can look to each other for guidance on how to discuss this topic with scholars and our family and friends. What follows is a blog post from Ryan Williams-Virden, human geography teacher from HCHS: I stood in front of twenty or so freshmen with a heavy heart. It was Monday […]

Mindful movement keeps scholars focused

Scholars at HLA – Morris Park may be able to teach adults a thing or two about mindfulness. In a class called “Movement,” scholars as young as kindergarten participate in yoga-based mindfulness classes that are good for their body as well as their brain. Mindfulness, in the most basic sense, happens when people give themselves the chance to clear […]

Meet Kelly Setala, teacher at HLA – Northrop

When Kelly Setala saw her first-grade class roster in August, she already knew every single name. Her work as a kindergarten English Language Development (ELD) teacher at HLA – Northrop meant that she was able to kick off the school year with already-established relationships with almost all of her scholars, which is something that is […]

Join us at the HCHS Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

You’re invited Join Hiawatha families, local community leaders and education advocates in celebrating the grand opening of Hiawatha Collegiate High School at our inaugural ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Scholars who eat well learn better, cafeteria manager says

When Zena Reta (pronounced “Zay-nah Reh-dah”) was looking for a career change, she knew she wanted to make a difference. She had been working as a glazier — someone who works with glass and windows — on construction sites after her tours in the middle east as a mechanic with the Army National Guard. Construction […]

Why parents choose Hiawatha

When Miguel Ángel and his wife were looking for a kindergarten for their daughter Brisa, they weren’t sure what to expect. At the School Selection Showcase, an annual event where prospective parents can browse public and charter schools in Minneapolis, he said he could feel the difference as soon as he walked up to the […]

Keynote address by Fernando Rodriguez

Fernando Rodriguez is a Ph.D student in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, and he teaches for the Department of Chicano and Latino Studies. He was one of two students who led keynote addresses during a Hiawatha Academies professional development event on October 14. Fernando has a lot in common […]

Whitney McKinley teaches social justice through art

Whitney McKinley taught for six years before joining the family at Hiawatha College Prep. She has taught math, science and English as a second language, but her passion is in inspiring students through art. Whitney’s scholars learn about social justice topics and explore how art can help solve a local, national or global problem that […]