Hiawatha Academies ha cancelado las clases para este miercoles 20 de febrero del 2019, debido a las condiciones climatológicas extremas.   La cancelación, incluye todas las actividades y programas. Clases y programas en todas las escuelas. Todos los programas después de clases (incluidos, actividades extracurriculares, atléticas, paseos y eventos escolares). Toda junto o reunión en los […]

Hiawatha Academies has canceled school Wednesday, February 20 due to extreme winter weather conditions. This means the all activities and programs are canceled: Classes and programs in all schools All after-school and student programs (including extra-curricular activities, athletics, field trips and school events) All meetings scheduled at Hiawatha Academies buildings. For updated school closing information, […]

Las actividades extracurriculares han sido canceladas en las Academias Hiawatha debido a las condiciones climáticas invernales. Debido a los tiempos de ruta de autobús más largos que se esperan esta tarde, algunas escuelas saldrán temprano el martes 12 de febrero. Hiawatha Collegiate High School: 1:45 pm Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Morris Park: 2 pm Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Northrop: […]

After-school activities have been canceled at Hiawatha Academies due to winter weather conditions. Due to expected longer bus route times this afternoon, some schools will dismiss early on Tuesday, February 12. Hiawatha Collegiate High School: 1:45 pm Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Morris Park: 2 pm Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Northrop: 2 pm Hiawatha College Prep-Northrop: 2 pm Hiawatha College […]

Hiawatha Academies has canceled school Tuesday, January 29 and Wednesday, January 30 due to extreme winter weather conditions. Debido a las condiciones climatológicas. todas las escuelas de Hiawatha Academies estarán cerradas y las actividades han sido canceladas para este martes 29 de enero del 2019 y miércoles 30 de enero del 2019. Your scholar’s safety […]

January 25, 2019 On Wednesday, January 16, Hiawatha Academies’ board of director’s, made a motion to officially recognize the Association of Parents and Guardians. The Association was founded in May of 2018 with the purpose of becoming a welcoming and inclusive space where parents navigating issues impacting their scholars can benefit from the collective support […]

Mr. John Kaczorek walked around the desks in a classroom at Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield where pencils were up and eyes were glued to the assignments at hand. A timer on the wall ticked down as the students worked on their math, giving them a clear time frame for finishing work. Mr. Kaczorek paused at each […]

The first little girl bounced into the brand new library at Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Morris Park, excited to meet new faces in the room and, as she exclaimed, to have a slice of the pizza awaiting the scholars when they were all gathered. “Who are you?!” she said to someone she didn’t know. It’s a simple […]

When you pour salad dressing on your lettuce, flavor is probably all that you’re concerned with. But there’s a lot at play in that dressing; there’s chemistry. Amanda Olson’s fifth-grade science students can tell you all about it. They first learned about matter, from atoms to molecules to substances to mixtures. Then Ms. Olson took […]

Hiawatha Collegiate High School’s Physics program is using new innovative technology this fall that is greatly improving the way students analyze and assess data. Physics teacher Alicia Gruenwald requested that the network purchase probe ware, and eight Vernier Labquest2 devices and sensors were bought for the class (and for other science classes to use). The […]