SUPPORT FOR OUR COMMUNITYWe are working to ensure the immediate safety of our students and their families. Below are some immediate ways we ask for your help. Please stay connected for [...]
In the wake of the recent killing of George Floyd by police, our words and actions feel woefully insufficient.Hiawatha Academies’ mission and equity vision call us to work tirelessly alongside our [...]
On Monday, May 25, in South Minneapolis, George Floyd, a Black man was killed by Minneapolis police. As a community we are heartbroken, we are outraged, and we demand justice. Our [...]
SetupTo start using the hotspot, follow these instructions or the ones in the box Power on the device by pressing the power button on the side for 3 seconds. When the [...]
Support your student to login daily into google classroom. Instructions for logging in can be found here.Apoye a su estudiante a ingresar a Google Classroom diariamente. Las instrucciones para iniciar sesión [...]
Using Hiawatha ChromebookStep 1: Open the internet [...]