Hiawatha Collegiate High School (HCHS) opened its doors to more than one hundred ninth graders in the fall of 2015.  We will add a grade each year until we are a fully-enrolled high school.  HCHS offers each scholar a personalized high school experience that recognizes and builds on their unique talents and interests and prepares them with the knowledge and skills to thrive in college.  All scholars enjoy a well-rounded program rooted in rigorous academics, comprehensive college support, and meaningful extracurricular activities.  We are committed to ensuring that in 2019, 100% of our inaugural class will graduate from high school, proving that closing the opportunity gap in Minneapolis and Minnesota is possible.

Leadership Team: Nicole Cooley, Principal  |  Caleea Kidder, Dean of Students |  Ryan Williams Virden, Dean of Students |  Matt Toppin, Dean of Instruction |  Anna Lee, Director of Operations |  Ian McLaughlin, Special Education Coordinator |   Natalie Heath, English Language Development Program Coordinator



Grades:  9-10 (eleventh grade will be added in the fall 2017, and twelfth grade will be added in the fall of 2018)

Enrollment:  100+  (max enrollment of 777 total for all four grades)

Curriculum:  College preparatory with enrichment electives like social justice and music study

Values:  Curiosity, Grit, Gratitude, and Optimism

Mascot:  Wolf, reflects the social intelligence, loyalty and personal power each scholar strives for while building future leadership skills

Special Focus: Community service and college exploration

Uniforms: Khaki bottoms and green or grey HCHS polo shirt –  we wear uniforms to unite us as a community, present an equitable learning environment, and reduce distractions

Address:  4640 17th Ave S., Minneapolis MN, 55407 (map)

Phone:  612-547-9056