• Hiawatha is an open enrollment public charter school.  Which means anyone can apply regardless of residence
  • Hiawatha has a transportation zone that runs north to I-94 (including the Cedar River Side neighborhood between I-35W and I-94), east to the Mississippi River, south to I-494, and west to Lyndale Ave. Applicants outside of the transportation zone may enroll; HOWEVER Hiawatha only guarantees bussing within the stated transportation zone.
  • New Kindergarten applicants must be 5 by September 1st
  • Each student must complete an individual application (i.e. not one application for the family).

Registration period

The application period for the 2017-18 school year is October 1st, 2016– Feb. 16th, 2017ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE FEBRUARY 16, 2017.

All returning student INTENT TO RETURN FORMS are due on January 15th

Official enrollment and lottery

In the event that we receive more applicants than spots available, Hiawatha is required to conduct a lottery

  • Families will be notified of their enrollment status by MARCH 6TH
  • In the event that it is needed the lottery will take place on MARCH 2ND
  • All new applications will be entered into the lottery. Enrollment will be determined based on the order selected from the lottery

Prior to accepting students by lottery, Hiawatha Academies provides enrollment preferences in the following situations:

  • Returning students who complete the intent to return form by the January 15th deadline
  • Siblings of currently enrolled students. Siblings are defined as children who share a legal guardian with a currently enrolled student
  • Children of school staff
  • Children on prior year wait list who have completed a new application

General lottery and admission procedures

I. Order of admission preference 

  1. Currently enrolled students:  Receive primary enrollment preference.  Current students must complete the Intent to Return form by January 15.
  2. Siblings or foster siblings of currently enrolled students:  Siblings of currently enrolled students have preference before children of staff, prior year waiting list students, and general lottery applicants.  In the event of more siblings than spots available, a sibling lottery is held and establishes a sibling waiting list.
  3. Children of staff:  Children of staff receive preference before prior year waiting list students and general lottery applicants. In the event of more children of staff applicants than spots available, a staff-children lottery is held and establishes a staff-children waiting list.
  4. General Lottery Enrollment:  In the event that there are more new applicants that spots available, a lottery will be conducted. New student applications must be submitted by February 16th to be considered for the general lottery.  The lottery is conducted from highest grade to lowest grade to fill all available enrollment spots.  The lottery is also continued in order to assign wait list positions based on the order selected.
  5. Siblings of enrolled students from the general lottery:  In the event that a family has multiple siblings applying for more than one grade, sibling preference will apply as soon as enrollment is determined in the lottery grade.  In the event a sibling waiting list exists, the sibling of the general lottery enrolled student will be added to the sibling wait list based on the order selected.
  6. Applications received after the February 16th deadline:  Applications received AFTER the February 16th deadline will be placed on the general wait list on a first come first serve basis following the lottery process.

II. Wait list placement:

  • Applications received after the February 16th deadline will be placed on the wait list on a first come first serve basis following the lottery process.
  • If enrolled in a first choice school, students will be taken off the wait list of any other Hiawatha Academies school.
  • If enrolled in a second choice school, students will remain on the wait list for the first choice school selection. In the event that a spot becomes available in the first choice school, rolling enrollment will always be on a “top of the waiting list first” basis.

Completing enrollment

Join us each fall for our parent orientation nights. Here, parents and scholars can meet their teachers, other parents and scholars, purchase uniforms, return pending paperwork and receive additional information about your scholar’s school.

Admitting students during the school year

In the event that a spot is open after the first day of school but before the last day of school, and there is a child on a wait list waiting to fill that spot, rolling enrollment will be limited to the following windows, and during those windows will always be on a “top of the waiting list first” basis. Those windows are:

  1. From First Day of School to September 15th
  2. From January 1st – January 29th

For the January enrollment window, if a kindergartner is selected off the waiting list to fill an available spot, the child must have attended another school or program that is subject to compulsory attendance during the school year.

Transfer requests within the Hiawatha Academies network

Returning students requesting transfer to another Hiawatha Academies network school will have preference before siblings, children of staff, prior year waiting list students, and general lottery applicants only for the purpose of keeping siblings together at the same school location. To be eligible for the advanced preference, a transfer request form must be completed by February 12.

Transfer requests for all other purposes will receive the same preference as general lottery applications.

Apply online

Download a paper application in English or Spanish.

Key enrollment dates

October 1st
Priority application opens. To apply, send in your application via mail or call a school office to arrange a time to visit. 

February 16th
Priority registration ends. Postmark your registration by February 16th to ensure priority consideration.

March 2nd
Lottery to select new scholars. If we have more applications than seats, scholars are placed on a wait list.

Acceptance and wait-listed notices go out to all applicants

Applications continue to be accepted and families placed on a wait list in the order in which they were received. Wait listed applicants will be contacted as seats become available. Families who are on the wait list enroll on a first-come, first serve basis.

First day of school.