Hiawatha Academies Board of Directors is tasked with ensuring that the mission and values of the Hiawatha schools are met, and providing guidance to ensure Hiawatha’s long-term growth and vitality. The Board of Directors works closely with the Leadership Team to chart a course for Hiawatha Academies and meets regularly throughout the year. Our Board members are drawn from the fields of business, education, healthcare, legal, and philanthropy and share a commitment to grow Hiawatha scholars into leaders.

Board Members can be reached at: boardchair@hiawathaacademies.org.

Upcoming Meetings


  • Wednesday, August 17, from 4 – 6p.m., at HCP
  • Wednesday, September 21, from 4 – 6p.m., at HLA-Morris Park
  • Wednesday, October 19, from, 4 – 6p.m., at HCHS
  • Wednesday, November 16, from 4 – 6p.m., at HLA-Northrop
  • Wednesday, December 14, from 4 – 6p.m., at HCP


  • Wednesday, January 18, from 4 – 6p.m., at HLA-Morris Park
  • Wednesday, February 15, from 4 – 6p.m. at HCHS
  • Wednesday, March 22, from 4 – 6p.m., at HLA-Northrop
  • Wednesday, April 19, from 4 – 6p.m., at HCP
  • Wednesday, May 10, from 4 – 6p.m., at HLA-Morris Park
  • Wednesday, June 14, from 4 – 6p.m., at HCHS

Meeting Minutes

Board members

Margarita Dimas Cultu, Chair
Pinnacle Performance Group

Jerry Alcazar, Vice Chair
Blackwell Burke

Joe Dixon
Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

John Erickson, Treasurer
Standard Health

Penny Leporte
General Mills

Charise Powell
Hiawatha Academies Teacher


Emily Loh, Secretary
Hiawatha Academies Teacher

Eric Throldahl
Wells Fargo

Marcos Ortega
Macalester College


Linda Yang
AT&T, Hiawatha Academies Parent

Anne Behrendt
Doran Companies

Board committees

Academic achievement

  • Chair: Eric Throldahl
  • Staff liaison: Sara Boedecker-Johnston
  • Members: Whitney McKinley, Emily Loh and Linda Yang


  • Chair: John Erickson
  • Staff liaison: Sean Elder
  • Members: Eric Throldahl

Human capital

  • Chair: Penny Leporte
  • Staff liaison: Edwin Ochoa
  • Members: Emily Loh, Caitlin Brickman and Doug Hepper

Strategy, growth and facilities

  • Chair: Margarita Dimas Cultu
  • Staff liaison: Sean Elder
  • Members: Whitney McKinley and Anne Behrendt


  • Chair: Jerry Alcazar
  • Staff liaison: Libby Stegger


  • Chair: Joe Dixon
  • Staff liaison: Eli Kramer

Parent engagement

  • Chair: Linda Yang
  • Staff liaison: Ambar Hanson