Alex Gallagher

Director of Student Support Services | 715-491-2135

Ambar Hanson

Chief External Relations Officer | 612-239-1893 | @AmbarHanson

Ambar Cristina Hanson, M.P.A., is the director of community engagement at Hiawatha Academies. Since moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic eighteen years ago, Ambar has been dedicated to advocating for immigrant communities and communities of color to have equal opportunity and access to higher education, jobs that provide livable wages, health, housing and safety. Over the past ten years, Ambar advocated for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors through several roles at Casa de Esperanza and National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities. Currently, Ambar oversees the recruitment, marketing, parent engagement and community collaborations for the Hiawatha Academies network. Recently, Ambar received the Mano Amiga Award from the Minnesota Latino Economic Development Center for her commitment and generous contribution of time and work in behalf of the Latino community.
She lives in St. Paul and enjoys spending time with partner and two children.

Andrew Paulson

School Psychologist

AnnaKristina Yesberger

Due Process Coordinator

Brittany Porrazzo

Data Manager | 612-578-3765

Carolyn Roby

Managing Director of Schools

Carrie Roby

Network Literacy Coordinator | 612-236-6596

Conor Leonard

Development Manager | 612-547-8640

Heather Busch

Network Literacy Coordinator | 612-310-0250

Irma Márquez Trapero

Director of Talent Recruitment | 612-237-7636

Jaquie Archer

Network Assessment Coordinator | 612-578-9326

Libby Stegger

Senior Director of Enrollment | 612-388-3259

Lisa Sass Zaragoza

Equity Consultant | 612-432-4855

Liz Pangerl

Director Marketing and Communications | 612-387-6604

Madison McConnell

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator | 612-730-1480

Maria Marino

Michael Knutson

Director of Talent Recruitment

Nicole Dummann

School Health Coordinator

Rosie Kellogg

Operations Manager | 507-269-1394

Sara Boedecker-Johnston

Senior Director of Program | 612-385-6388

Shannon Gavin

Family Engagement Manager | 612-578-5198

Ted Dohm

Director of Enrollment and Admissions | 612-385-7430

Tiffany Williams-Virden

Senior Director of Equity Initiatives | 480-283-7054

Vanessa Palmer

Senior Director of Data and Analytics | 612-385-8373

Alex Trevino

Assistant Principal | 612-384-1762

Amanda Underwood

Specialist Teacher | 612-396-8258

Angie Pfeffer

Second Grade Teacher | 612-490-4546

Anna Dibley

Fourth Grade Teacher - Reading, Writing, Social Studies | 612-306-2988

Ariana Tellez

Ariana Tellez

Ashley Prescott

Bryan Daly

Special Educator Teacher | 612-730-7634

Carmen Alvarado

Cafeteria Staff

Carter Haaland

Kindergarten Teacher | 612-310-0437

Catherine Chu-Lapiska

Principal | Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Morris Park | Office: 612-987-5688 | Mobile: 651-485-0809

Charlotte Carlsen

Fourth Grade Math and Science Teacher | 612-490-5652

Clare Dudzinski

School Social Worker | 651-558-7472

Cristian Selvan-Morfin

Crystal Daugherty

Third Grade Math Teacher

Daeja Carson

Third Grade Teacher

Devyn Pittorf

Kindergarten Teacher | 612-385-8784

Diane Coddington

Reading Corps Tutor

Emily Curtis

Second and Third Grade English Language Development Teacher | 612-558-6180

Erin Chambers

First Grade Teacher

Erin Matschiner

Third Grade Teacher | 612-578-5214

Eugenides Hermes

Guadalupe Andrade

Guadalupe Andrade

Hamdi Husein

Haven Davis

Paraprofessional | 612-998-2458

Jed Hermes

Paraprofessional | 651-558-7478

Jess Cain

Kindergarten Teacher

Jordan Fitch

Physical Education Teacher | 612-490-7102

Jordan McNiven

Fourth Grade Teacher

Justine Selsing

First Grade Teacher

Kari Kielsa

Special Education Teacher | 612-296-5335

Kate Vishneski

First Grade Teacher | 612-220-7550

Kelley Forsberg

Second Grade Teacher | 952-457-9161

Laura Harringa

Third Grade Teacher | 612-387-0478

Linde Grubb

Director of Operations | Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Morris Park | 612-743-9816

Lindsey Kane

First Grade Teacher | 612-281-7545

Maia Horsager

Specialist Teacher | 612-807-0519

Marcela Rojas

Office Manager | 612-250-5604

Maren Daniels

Margo Peterson

Marisol Rojas

Fourth Grade Teacher

Maureen Fink

English Language Development Teacher | 612-281-1383

Maya Soriano

Miguel Peña

Nancy Marin

Office Assistant | 612-388-1842

Rachel LaMachia Stephens

Rachel Peulen

Special Education Coordinator

Rebecca Snyder

Sarai Anderson

Transportation Coordinator | 612-237-0920

Shae Elliot

Special Education Teacher

Stephanie Sowma

Special Education Teacher | 612-695-0013

Veronica Myers

Yolanda Pruitt

Special Education Paraprofessional

Allison Stasson

First Grade Teacher | 612-42401720

Allison Stasson

Ally Stephens

Second Grade English Language Development Teacher | 612-968-8022

Amanda Snyder

Specialist Teacher | 612-388-6671

Amanda Snyder

Specialist Teacher

Aubrey Hendry Noonan

Kindergarten Teacher | 612-387-2651

Aubrey Noonan

Bailey Marmesh

Paraprofessional | 612-267-2144

Bailey Marmesh

Bobbi Pratt


Charise Powell

Fourth Grade Teacher | 612-578-0112

Chris Vaughan

English Language Development Coordinator | 413-281-1268

Daniela Srini Vasan

Principal | Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Northrop | Office: 612.455.4004 | Mobile: 612.462.2369

Daniela Srini Vasan is the founding principal of Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Northrop. Daniela speaks Spanish and French. She attended the University of Virginia and earned her Master’s Degree in Education from Georgia State University. After graduating, she served as a Teach For America corps member in Atlanta, Georgia where she taught third and fifth grade. Daniela loves to spend time with her family, travel and experience new cultures, study languages, volunteer in the community, and explore the Twin Cities. One of the best parts about working at Hiawatha Academies is working with families and students every day.

Diana Agudo

Office Assistant | 612-743-5825

Ellen Bluhm

Special Education Teacher

Emily Peltier

Special Education Teacher | 612-584-1739

Erika Hansen

Third Grade Teacher | Work: 612-239-0827 | Personal: 815-973-6628

Erika Hansen

Hannah Forster

Second Grade Teacher | 612-807-4899

Hannah Forster

Hattie Carvalho

Assistant Principal | Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Northrop | 612-310-8025

Jan Kleinman

Jasmine Engler

Jennifer Alfaro

Student Success Coach | 612-807-3146

Jennifer Alfaro

Behavior Interventionist

Jennifer Hernandez

Paraprofessional | 612-743-8467

Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Smith

Jessie Damsgard

Fourth Grade Teacher | 612-584-1497 (texts preferred)

Jessye Lewis

Paraprofessional | 612-432-2201

Jessye Lewis


Jonny Lincoln

K-4 Physical Education Teacher | 612-743-2359

Jordan Ebel

Second Grade Teacher | 612-584-1817

Jordan Ebel

Katie Cooney

Special Education Coordinator | 612-743-8721

Kayann Comeaux

Special Education Teacher

Kelly Setala

First Grade Teacher | 612-386-7301

Kelly Setala

Kels Bruun-Bryant

Director of Operations | Hiawatha Leadership Academy-Northrop | 612-730-3371

Kelsey Romero

Social Worker | 612-207-8811

Kiah Young-Burns

Kindergarten Teacher

Kiah Young-Burns

Kylie Hanschman

Spanish Language Specialist | 612-584-0897

Kylie Hanschman

Lindsey Niznik

First Grade Teacher | 612-251-9064

Lindsey Niznik

Lucille Rosario

Maria Alvarado

Maintenance and Cafeteria Coordinator

Maryan Yusuf


Micayla Irmiter

Specialist Teacher | 612-281-1915 (texts preferred)

Michael Seely

Paraprofessional | Mobile: 612-310-8116

Michael Seely


Myasia Johnson

Paraprofessional | 612-237-5593

Natalie Ripley

Kindergarten English Language Development Teacher | 612-267-2117

Natasha Villanueva

Operations Coordinator | Office: 612-455-4033 | Mobile: 612-267-2286

Priyanka Subramanian

Rachel Archer

Special Education Teacher | 612-327-7823

Rachel Archer

Rachel Knutowski

Kindergarten Teacher | 612-281-1391

Rachel Knutowski

Rachel Love

Third Grade Teacher | 612-568-5653

Rachel Love

Robbi Weil

Fourth Grade Teacher | 612-578-3437

Samantha Carlson

Teacher | 952-491-0242

Samantha Carlson

Sarah Spainhower

Sheila Willson

Second Grade Teacher | 612-807-4695

Steve Watkins

Paraprofessional | 612-578-4815

Tessa Buschmann

Paraprofessional | 612-250-1476

Tessa Buschmann

Special Education Paraprofessional

Tress Ahles

Third Grade English Language Development Teacher | Mobile: 612-807-4689

Zisuell Humphrey

Alexandra Dahl

Amirah Bakri


Anna Thiede

Eighth Grade Science Teacher | 612-408-6878

Arthur Bishop

Cafeteria & Maintenance Lead | 612-578-4595

Ashley Niaz


Audra Johnson

Art Teacher | 612-237-3552

Benjamin Johnson

Special Education Paraprofessional | 612-806-4919

Brandon Royce-Diop

Dean, Culture and Discipline | Upper School | 612-481-1334

Carlos Bedoya Ortiz

Operations Coordinator | 651-338-1146

Chelsea Ophime Elsberry

Seventh Grade Science Teacher | 612-743-6217

Cristin Craig, Ed.S.

Dean, Culture and Discipline | Lower School | 612-990-7221

Cruz Conejo

Physical Education Teacher | 847-313-8516

Darlene Gibson

Debra Henry

Sixth Grade Special Education Teacher | 612-220-0985

Dylan Glines

Gabriela Stiteler

Eighth Grade Literature Teacher | 202-316-8271

Hailey Karlovich

Fifth Grade Science Teacher | 612-715-2294

Jean Scheaffer

Reading Interventionist | 323-868-5334

Jennifer Beckham

Sixth Grade Humanities Teacher | 612-695-2470

Joana Di Meglio

Fifth Grade Humanities Teacher; Grade-Level Chair; Technology Integrationist | 612-408-9038

John Kaczorek

Hybrid Math Teacher Leader | 651-341-7821

Joseph Doll

Fifth Grade Math Teacher | 715-630-2526

Josiah Mosqueda

Kelsey Uribe

Sixth Grade LiteratureTeacher; Grade-Level Chair | 612-986-3504

Kristina Fehn

Band Teacher | 651-260-2307

Kyler Berg

Sixth Grade Math Teacher | 920-655-8671

Laura Rodriguez

Office Manager | 612-387-7047

Laura Schilling

Eighth Grade Math Teacher | 248-961-2721

Lindsay Johnson

Seventh and Eighth Grade Drama Teacher | 608-797-5028

Mandy Williams

Fifth Grade Science Teacher | 651-334-0992

Maricela Cortez Ocampo

Seventh Grade Special Education Teacher | 651-231-5637

Ryane Hardy

Eighth Grade Humanities Teacher; Grade-Level Co-Chair | 612-805-3399

Sabrina Edwards

Iterim Principal - Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield | 612-310-7792

Sarah Black

Sixth Grade Humanities Teacher | 612-655-3275

Shadelle Ware

Discipline and Culture Liaison | 612-408-5582

Shannon Conk


Shirice Harris

Seventh Grade Literature Teacher | 612-990-3934

Suzanne Blum Grundyson

Seventh and Eighth Grade Special Education Teacher and Coordinator | 612-741-9434

Tanya Wacholz

Eighth Grade English Language Development Teacher | 612-876-1825

Zach Faricy

Sixth Grade Science Teacher | 612-382-6803

Alicia Alexander

Beda Martinez

Dean of Instruction

Kate Palmer

Founding Director of Operations

Kate Palmer is the founding Director of Operations of Hiawatha College Prep-Northrop. Originally from a suburb of Detroit, Kate graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University where she majored in Gender Studies and African Studies. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Illinois, Chicago. In addition to disrupting systemic barriers in education, she is passionate about health equity and has worked for the past ten years in reproductive and LGBT healthcare. Kate lives in south Minneapolis and enjoys spending time with her partner and infant son, Leon.

Matthew Freese

Dean of Students

Nicholas Baker


Sherene Judah

Principal | Hiawatha College Prep - Northrop | 612-559-6546

Sherene Judeh has been a teacher, school administrator, and advocate for equity in education for over 12 years. She has taught and led in district and charter schools and seeks continuous improvement in service of high expectations, strong community, and strong achievement results for students. Sherene has experience in interdisciplinary learning. social-emotional learning, change management, arts integration, and restorative practices. Through research, collaboration, and design, Sherene has worked with several schools to transform academic programming into authentic, community centered learning experiences for students resulting in dramatically increased student achievement. For the past three months, Sherene has been the Founding Principal, leading the research, development, piloting, and codification of the newest Hiawatha Academies school focused on equity, community and student agency.

Stephanie Lee

Math Foundations and Personalized Learning

Stephanie Lee has worked as a high school math teacher in district and charter schools for the past eleven years. Driven by a strong desire to empower students to become leaders of their own learning, she believes that cultivating strong relationships is essential to building effective student-led learning communities. Stephanie has experience in designing math and interdisciplinary curriculum, implementing restorative justice practices, and using action research to improve teacher practice. Stephanie joined HCP-Northrop’s build team in October and is working on designing curriculum for HCP-Northrop’s math program and its personalized enrichment projects.

Yousef Abraham

Recruitment and Enrollment Coordinator

Amy Carlson

Special Education Teacher | 612-220-5301

Anna Eddie

Director of Operations | Hiawatha Collegiate High School | 612-281-0123

Beatriz Alcazar Alvarez

Social Worker | 612-600-1875

Beatriz Alcazar Alvarez

Ben MacKenzie

Ninth Grade Speech and Composition Teacher | 612-695-3800

Caleea Kidder

Founding Dean of Students | Hiawatha Collegiate High School | 651-485-1148

Dana Hanson

Tenth Grade World Literature Teacher | 612-600-5451

Daniel Smith

Discipline and Culture Liaison

Gabriela Xochihua-Strickland

Art Teacher and Paraprofessional | 612-227-2887

Grace Leary


Ian McLaughlin

Special Education Coordinator | 612-220-8829

Joe Kennealy

World History Teacher | 612-600-3094

Jon Laven

Math Teacher | 612-600-5411

Jordan Humble

Founding Biology Teacher | 612-220-1769

Jose Andrade

Enrichment Coordinator

Lindsay DeLand

English Language Development Teacher | 612-281-4443

Matt Toppin

Dean of Instruction | Hiawatha Collegiate High School | 612-802-5521

Meekell allen


Meg O’Connor

Tenth Grade Speech and Composition Teacher | 612-281-0996

Nadia Nibbs

Multicultural Literature Teacher | 612-281-6653

Natalie Heath

English Language Development Teacher | 608-386-5907

Nicole Cooley

Principal | Hiawatha Collegiate High School | Office: 612-547-9056 | Direct: 920-740-3963

Nicole Cooley is the founding Principal of Hiawatha Collegiate High School. She began her career in education teaching middle school in St. Louis through Teach for America. She then moved to Chicago, where she worked as a teacher and administrator at Gary Comer College Prep, a campus of Noble Street Charter School, the highest performing high school charter network in the city. While there, she led both students and teachers to unprecedented successes, most notably, 100 percent graduation and enrollment in college. In 2013, she joined the Hiawatha Team as Director of Teaching and Learning. When asked about her work, she shared “I feel amazingly grateful to be part of a network wherein one hundred percent of students will not only graduate from high school, but will be academically and personally prepared to experience both the success and challenge that will exist for them in college.”

Paulina Perez Ortiz


Ryan Williams-Virden

Dean of Students | Hiawatha Collegiate High School | 612-281-6659

Spencer Virden

Steve Watkins

Tony Andrade

Enrichment Coordinator

Victor Sanchez Castro

Office Manager | 612-600-5573