The MCA-III is given to scholars in grades 3-8 and in high school. The standardized test measures their proficiency in math, reading, and science. These graphs show the results of all Hiawatha scholars in the 2014-15 school year and how they compare to their peers in Minneapolis Public Schools and statewide. Note that scholars at HLA-Northrop and Hiawatha Collegiate High School have not yet taken MCA tests.

Beating the odds

We have continually proven that our scholars can achieve regardless of race, income or socioeconomic status. Students who are learning English and students who receive free or reduced-price lunch generally achieve at higher rates than their peers statewide.

A focus on literacy

Although our reading scores are not as high as our math scores, we are working hard to make sure our scholars are strong, lifelong readers. For example, our fourth-grade scholars outgrew 72% of their peers nationally in reading and 70% of their peers across the state of Minnesota. Eighth-grade scholars outgrew 74% of their peers nationally in reading and 60% of their peers across the state. Many scholars in other grade levels have impressive stories to tell as well. Those are major accomplishments and we are proud of our scholars for their hard work, and proud of their teachers and families for supporting them.

We have strong instructional strategies in place, beginning with a focus on Close Reading this year, to increase proficiency rates even more.

More ways of measuring succcess

At Hiawatha Academies, we care about more than test scores. Our scholars and families have continuously told us that they appreciate everything we do for them. We know this because scholars are almost always in school daily, most come back to us every school year, scholars’ families are involved in their children’s learning and they have even told us they would recommend us to a friend.

For more detailed academic data, read our 2016-17 annual report or visit the Minnesota Department of Education website.